Quant Black
Quant Black Quant Black Quant Black Quant Black

Quant Black


Here is the new base edition Quant flower vaporizer.

Available in a stylish rubberised matte black finish that keeps the Quant close to hand. Features a stainless steel chamber with 0.2g flower capacity. Ideal for making flower last longer with higher efficiency.

Switches on with 5 clicks, activating the OLED screen and heating element. Once on, simply choose your desired temperature via the up and down buttons. The Quant will rapidly heat, hitting temperature within 30secs.

The Quants primary function is dry herbs, however works great with wax and oil via the Quartz chamber (included in purchase). Simply load the quartz chamber ¼ full, Insert into heating chamber, turn device to max temperature 430F, let it heat until 140 seconds is reached on the timer and your ready to hit.

The Quant is simple to use, matched with high end design, easily fits within a purse or pocket with 3in1 functionality (herbs, wax and oils).

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Great Vape!

I really enjoy the Quant. The flavor, esp on the lower temps, is excellent with dry herb. I also really love how you can customize your experience/hits by being able to go up to 430 Farenheit (it RIPS that hot!!!!). I haven't had a chance to try the smaller compartment for oil/wax, but I really like that the option is there.


The quant is a beast!!!

First vape

I love this little gem.

quant vape

it really works nicely. very smooth and tasty. battery life is lengthy and temp control between 320f and 430f in one degree increments allows terpenes and other cannabinoids to be used properly. the concentrate container should be removed with tweezers after using. it is hot. i would strongly recommend this product, especially for dry herb use.

Nice Vape

I’ve tried other brands and struggled to get any sign of smoke. This works very well. Very happy with this product.

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