are you ready
to ride the wave?

A super high performance concentrates vaporizer

A game changer
for vaping concentrates

WAVE batteries feature a powerful 410mAh lithium battery delivering immediate heat to the wickless ceramic WAVE pod atomizer, guaranteeing full flavor and colossal vapor.

WAVE is engineered from brass with textured matte black finish, a classy and elegant look. The feel in the hand is weighty. You'llknow that you are carrying something special!

What is the Quant WAVE device?

The QUANT WAVE is a beautiful, pocket sized, super high performance concentrate vape pods system.

Comprising of (1) WAVE battery and (2) WAVE pod with wickless ceramic heating element. Activated automatically via inhalation at the mouth-piece. Once activated, the QUANT WAVE vaporizes concentrates with minimum combustion and maximun efficiency.

WAVE pods are sold empty, fillable and designed for one-time use.

WAVE batteries are rechargeable (25min) via micro usb port.

wave image
wave image

What is a WAVE Pod?

A WAVE Pod is the concentrates vessel that's inserted into battery.

WAVE pods are sold empty and ready to be filled with your favorite concentrates. Pods are inserted into WAVE battery with a "click & vibrate" notification.

WAVE pods are 0.7ml (1ml coming soon) and designes for one time use

WAVE pods are only available with WAVE battery.

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