Read the review of THE VAPE GUIDE about ours vaporizers

Read the review of THE VAPE GUIDE about ours vaporizers

Thanks to the guys at "The Vape Guide" for reviewing the Quant.

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The Vape Guide recently reviewed our Quant 2-in-1 Premium Vaporizer and we were fortunate enough to receive an impressive review score of 9.2, which is one of their higher ratings for a dual use vaporizer. We highly recommended that you visit their site to see what it is they enjoyed about the Quant, but here is a brief summary of the qualities they liked about it.

Two Substances, One Vaporizer

If you like using dry herb and you also enjoy vaping concentrates, then you no longer need to buy two separate vaporizers for each substance. The Quant makes it simple and convenient to switch between those two different substances. Instead of changing vaporizers, you can just insert the quartz concentrate tank into the heating chamber and you will be ready for some concentrate vaping.


This also gives users more versatility in what they can vape. CBD is becoming increasingly popular because of its health benefits and the feeling of calm and relaxation it provides to the user. Wax is one of the many forms in which CBD can be created and vaping is one of the best ways to consume CBD. With the Quant, a wider variety of vaping is open to you.

Precision and Control

The Quant offers precision temperature control and fast heat times. What this means for users is that they can choose any temperature between 320°F and 430°F, so that they can customize the experience precisely to their liking. This corresponds nicely with the dual use nature of the Quant because the higher temperatures are better for concentrate vaping, while the low and mid range temperatures are better for dry herb vaping.

The Look

The Vape Guide likes the unique, natural-looking finishes featured on the Quant, and you will too, because the wood grain and polished marble patterns provide an organic look not seen in any other dry herb or concentrate vaporizers.


The function of the Quant is great too because it is a very easy to use vaporizer. Loading the Quant is fast and simple whether concentrate or dry herb is being used; selecting the precise temperature is easy because of the control buttons on the vaporizer; reading that temperature is easy because of the clear LED screen that displays a wide array of relevant information.

Find Out What Makes the Quant So Special

These are just some of the qualities that make the Quant a great vaporizer, you can read the Vape Guide’s review for even more of them. We are happy that the professional reviewers enjoy it, but really, the Quant is made for everyone who enjoys both extract and dry herb vaping and does not want to buy two different vaporizers. So, if that sounds like you, give the Quant a try to find out for yourself just why the Quant has become a critical darling, and why it is set to become a fan favorite as well.

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