New Year Means Upgrading Your Vaporizer

New Year Means Upgrading Your Vaporizer

According to Bis Research (Business Intelligence and Strategy Research), the global vaporizer market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 19.34% to become a $46.9 billion industry. This should come as no surprise to the millions of dry herb users whose preferred method of consumption is vaping. For the novice user, it can be difficult to determine what the difference is between a cheaper vaporizer and a luxury vaporizer like Quant. Leading many to ask “ Is a luxury vaporizer worth it?”

Why You Should Invest In A Luxury Vaporizer

You Get What You Pay For

While this adage may be an oldie, it is still a goodie. While there are plenty of inexpensive vaporizers on the market, they are not engineered to last. Which forces users to purchase a new vaporizer every few months. In addition, many people who have used the more inexpensive vaporizers report that the taste of their expensive herb or concentrate starts to diminish much quicker.

Luxury vaporizer manufactures spare no expense, using premium materials for the vaporizers’ internal and external components. Because of this luxury vaporizers, like the Quant, offer users a consistently smooth and flavorful experience time and time again.

Heat Time & Temperature Control

Currently one of the most popular features of luxury vaporizers is temperature control.  By offering users the ability to control the temperature, we are also offering the ability to get a more precise high. Another element of a high-quality vaporizer is its ability to heat quickly. Some vaporizers can take up to a full 60 seconds to reach the desired temperature, but Quant heats in just 30 seconds flat.  

Easy To Read Display

Most inexpensive vaporizers do not offer a display where users can set the temperature or even monitor the battery life. Quant’s vaporizer offers a utilitarian OLED display that shows users both the current and desired temperature as well as your battery life. It also has a see-through vapor window built in so you can closely monitor your usage.

Sleek Design

Although the form of most vaporizers is simple in design, it is the material that is made from that really makes all the difference design-wise. Available in a walnut or black marble finish, Quant was engineered to marry sleekness and substance.

Bottom line: if you want a vaporizer that is easy to use, offers consistent functionality and is stylish, you must think of it as an investment. Quant is a long-lasting, quality purchase that is guaranteed to check all your boxes.

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