Best Strain Recommendations to Use with the Quant Vaporizers

Best Strain Recommendations to Use with the Quant Vaporizers

Over the last 20 years, advances in technology have completely changed the way we engage with one another and our consumer habits. Like most industries, Quant has also benefited from technology. Designed to be more convenient and discreet, vaping is quickly becoming the go-to method of dry herb consumption for adults.

At Quant Vapor, we offer premium vaporizers that make consuming your favorite flower easy. Sometimes, not all strains give the best experience when vaped. Some are much more effective when ingested as chocolates or pills. To help you make an informed decision, we’ve listed out some ways to identify smoke-friendly strains for your next buy.

How to identify if the flower is vaporization-worthy?

In order to identify a good flower strain use this checklist.

  • Is it Fresh?
  • Doesn’t have mold or fungus growing on it
  • Is it cleaned and flushed correctly?
  • Doesn’t produce sparks when lit
  • Is dried and cured properly

Five smoke-worthy strains you’ll love to try

Keep your Quant at the ready because we’re about to show you some of the most delicious strains in the world:

Girl Scout cookies

It might sound harmless, but trust us when we say that these cookies may be a little hard to handle for even the most experienced user. A fruity, grape flavor, Girl Scout Cookies has won awards for the heady rush it gives after usage.

Golden Goat

Bored? Want to get your heart racing? Get your hands on some Golden Goat. This is one strain that is known to excite users very quickly. Some find that they experience mild paranoia after use. But, if you really want to put someone in a good mood, Golden Goat is the way to go.


With a name like Trainwreck, we won’t blame you if you’d be a little apprehensive to try this. But, this strain is still considered one of the best medications for anxiety, PTSD, and a host of other psychological problems. A lemony weed strain, it relaxes users instantly and makes them feel euphoric.

Banana Kush

Sweet, fruity, and absolutely delicious, Banana Kush is a hard-hitter, perfect when you need energy to be productive and relaxation when you need to unwind.

Triple Diesel

With a bit of ‘diesel’ in it, the Triple Diesel (aka TripleD) can be a potent choice which can set the tone for a very exciting day or night. But use this with caution. The TripleD will get very high, very quickly and it may lead to some hair-raising confusion if smoked too soon. We recommend even experts take it slow with this one.

At Quant Vapor, our vaporizer is extremely easy-to-use and is designed to help smoke all dry strains. Feel free to contact us for more information.

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