8 Ways Dry Herb Makes Valentine’s Day Better

8 Ways Dry Herb Makes Valentine’s Day Better

Last year was a ‘watershed year for increasing normalization and social acceptance of dry herb use with Valentine’s Day coming in fourth place as the most popular holiday to purchase some herb’ according to delivery platform Eaze. Make this Valentine’s Day a 420 affair, check out these fun ways to incorporate dry herb into your holiday.

  1. Relax: With our busy and stressful lives, it can be hard to tune out of work mode and relax.Constantly carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders is bad for romantic situations. Vaping dry herb can help you forget your worries and enjoy the bliss of being with the one you love.
  2. Bonding: Couples who share a passion often share a greater passion in their love lives. Vaping is an activity you can do together that you both enjoy. Instead of the standard flowers and chocolate, why not get your S.O. something they will actually use. The Quant is the perfect V-Day gift.  
  3. Increased pleasure:  Dry herb is known for its ability to increase sensitivity. When imbibed gently through vaping, you get to just the right high which can increase sexual pleasure.
  4.  Cheer up: If one partner is going through a rough time, it could be a real downer for Valentine’s Day. Vaping a bit of dry herb can improve your S.O.’s  mood.
  5.  Being honest: Because of its relaxing effect, dry herb allows people to be more honest with each other. Couples who vape together connect more intimately and can open up with each other about things that are bothering them.
  6.  Trust and respect: When you can forget everything else and just focus on the person you are with, you can see them in a new light. Mutual trust and respect with your significant other can be built just by looking at them with more love.
  7.  More patient: The benefits of dry herb calming people down are innumerable. A calm partner is more patient and compassionate with their significant other.
  8. Relieve pain: No one wants to be ill or in pain on Valentine’s Day. Dry herb is known to have powerful painkiller properties, making you more fit to enjoy this special day with your sweetheart.

It is clear that getting a little high on dry herb has a number of benefits on a relationship; add to that the safety that comes from vaping and you have a sure winner.

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