Desirable lifestyle vaporizers

Desirable lifestyle vaporizers

premium grinders

Desirable lifestyle vaporizers


premium grinders

A super high performance concentrates vaporizer

The things
we are passionate about

Bringing to market desirable lifestyle vaporizer
products that stand out from the crowd

Championing uniqueness in both look and feel

Creating vaporizer products that offer more
than just great functionality

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Bringing to market desirable lifestyle vaporizers that stand out from the crowd. Championing uniqueness in both look and feel, our vaporizers marrytop-end design with outstanding performance. Quant represents the fusion of imagination and reality.

Our brand name Quant is derived from Quantum Physics. Our vaporizer designs symbolize the dual nature of life - the abstract and the true form.

Top-of-the-line Functionality

Our vaporizer boasts an industry-leading heating element, which offers a clean, quality vape with little smoke or soot. Because of this, Quant users consume fewer carcinogens than those who use other vaporizers. Also, our vapor window is see-through, allowing users to see exactly what and how much they are vaping.
The Quant vaporizer also features a temperature range between 320º and 430º degrees Fahrenheit, and it reaches your maximum desired heat in only a matter of seconds. The temperature display on the OLED screen makes it easy to monitor and tune the temperature to your liking, as well as match the characteristics of the dry material or concentrate you are vaping.

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